Quickly Responding to Hail Damage

Quickly Responding to Hail Damage

Hailstorms can cause extreme damage to your property, especially your home. When your roof suffers damage from a storm, you can’t wait for the weather to let up before making repairs. Water entering your home can cause serious and expensive structural damage. The professional roofers from Buford Roofing & Construction are specially trained to locate storm damage and take quick action to minimize the entry of water. We will make a full assessment and recommend any necessary repairs.

In this post, your trusted local roofing company shares some factors that affect the intensity of damage caused by a hailstorm and what hail damage looks like on different roofing materials.

Factors Affecting the Degree of Hail Damage

1. Size and Density – Some hailstones are very small while the others are as large as softballs. The sharper the edges of the stones, the more damage they inflict on your roof.

2. Wind – The changes in wind direction and speed affects how hard the hailstones fall.

3. Barriers – Natural barriers like trees or landscaping can reduce the impact of hail damage.

4. Roof material – Depending on their age and condition, materials absorb hail impact differently. Hail can cause dents on asphalt, cut through wood shakes and crack vinyl siding.

Buford Roofing & Construction also has experience in working with insurance companies and adjusters, and can help coordinate your insurance claim to make sure you receive the full compensation to which you are entitled. This includes complete documentation of storm damage and repair estimates for insurance purposes.

Trust the repair and restoration of your roof to the professionals at Buford Roofing & Construction. Call (817) 329-7663 for a fast and professional response to storm damage.