Why Is Proactive Maintenance Essential for Commercial Roofs?

Why Is Proactive Maintenance Essential for Commercial Roofs?

Maintenance is key to ensuring your roof constantly performs its best. Commercial roofs demand specific maintenance procedures to remain in good shape. Buford Roofing and Construction Inc., the leading roofing company, discusses the importance of proactive roof maintenance below.

Why Is Proactive Maintenance Essential for Commercial Roofs?

Better Value for Your Money

Homeowners often delay roof maintenance. If you look at the bigger picture, however, you actually save money by making a few touch-ups here rather than waiting until your roof shows signs of obvious damage to attend to it.

A commercial roof without proper maintenance is prone to damage and deterioration. It’s susceptible to mold, water build-up and ventilation issues. Dealing with these problems costs more than investing in preventative maintenance–not to mention far worse headaches–making preventative maintenance a no brainer.

Longer Roof Lifespan

Maximizing the lifespan of your commercial roof is one of the main reasons proactive maintenance is recommended by your expert general contractor. With proactive maintenance, you can ensure your roof lasts through its projected lifespan and maybe even longer.

A proactively maintained roof lasts for around 21 years, compared to the estimated 13-year lifespan of roofs that are only attended to when they have a problem. No matter how great your commercial roofing system is, it will still function better and longer if you invest in preventative maintenance from professional roofing contractors.

Regular roof inspections will give you updates on your roof’s condition. By always knowing what state your roof is in, you can plan for repairs and bigger projects like a roof replacement, rather than being taken off guard.

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