Top Common Commercial Roofing Mistakes You Can Avoid

Top Common Commercial Roofing Mistakes You Can Avoid

Commercial roofing systems are a huge investment. Hiring a professional roofing contractor like Buford Roofing and Construction can help you avoid the mistakes that affect some businesses.

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Here are the top mistakes you risk dealing with if you fail to hire a reliable roofing contractor:

Missing Drip Edge

A drip edge helps guide rainfall off of the roof and into the gutter system. Sloppy contractors may make the mistake of failing to install drip edges or installing them improperly. Without functional drip edges, water can back up onto your roof during a storm, causing serious water damage. When you work with our professional team, you can be sure that we will install a high-quality drip edge to prevent these issues.

No Leak Barriers

A general contractor will commonly install flashing barriers on your roof for unprotected sections like the chimney. Some roofers, however, forget about them, which results in leaks. Without these barriers, leaks expose the roof to debris and moisture, causing serious problems.

Rest assured that Buford Roofing and Construction will ensure leak barriers are in place. This will allow your commercial roofing system to last longer.

Starter Shingle Problems

Starter shingles cover the foundation of your shingle and act as the base water filter for a roof. Improper installation of starter shingles can cause rainwater to seep into your roof’s foundation, paving the way for leaks. The best way to prevent improper installation by hiring an experienced, reputable contractor.

Improper Nailing

For a roof replacement project to be successful, the nailing process must be handled flawlessly. A subpar roofer may miss the mark or use fewer fasteners than necessary to cut costs. This practice will weaken the roof’s structure, making it susceptible to breaking and scratching.

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