Survival Tips: What to Do When Roofing Leaks Appear

Survival Tips: What to Do When Roofing Leaks Appear

When roofing leaks strike, you have no other recourse but to tackle the problem head-on and set up for emergency repairs. Otherwise, you’ll leave yourself vulnerable to even more damage should the leaks get out of hand.

 Roofing Leaks

Here are the most important things to remember at the first sign of leaks.

Don’t Panic

The time for preventive measures has passed and you’re stuck with the prospect of having to deal with a leak. It’s important to remain calm, however. The bright side is that your roof is only starting to leak, so you’ll have a little bit of wiggle room.

Call Your Roofing Contractor ASAP

While it’s true that you shouldn’t lose your cool, you shouldn’t be complacent either. Don’t wait until things get out of hand. Make it a point to call your roofer ASAP. You should always have their number handy. If you don’t, now is a good time to jot it down and place it in your list of emergency numbers.

While you can indeed DIY the repair, it is not typically a permanent solutions. You still need to have a professional inspect the leaks in question to determine the extent of damage. Otherwise, you may find yourself in dire need of emergency roof replacement or worse, make it even worse.

Secure Your Belongings

You can never be too sure. Move whatever furniture, appliances, and valuables near the affected area out of the way. This way, you can prevent the leaks from causing further damage should they get more substantial before your trusted roofer arrives.

Small roofing leaks have a way of turning into big ones quickly. Keep these tips in mind in order to avoid the prospect of dealing with bigger roofing leaks.

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