Mistakes Made with Commercial Roofing

Mistakes Made with Commercial Roofing

commerical-roof-dallas Although mistakes happen with commercial roofing in Dallas, the best way to avoid them is by hiring a reputable company, such as Buford General Contractors. Years of experience brings confidence to every job.

As contractors, it is important for us to understand the most common commercial roofing mistakes in order to avoid making them.

Top 5 Mistakes for Commercial Roofing in Dallas

  1. Deck Installation with Low Slopes – Although many roofs are steep, some areas have little to no incline. Without an appropriate slope, one must be created. With a low slope, the correct materials must be used to prevent major infiltration of water. In the event that shingles cannot be used, it is important to use materials designed specifically for low slopes, including TPO, SBS cold application, and so on.
  2. Missing Drip Edge – Another common mistake seen with commercial roofing in Dallas is an improperly installed or missing drip edge, something that can lead to major problems with roof aesthetics, damage to the fascia and deck, and openings through which insects and animals enter the attic. For this reason, Buford General Contractors always covers the perimeter using the right drip edge.
  3. No Barrier for Leaks – To provide extra protection in vulnerable areas with a fastener or nail perforations, the installation of a leak barrier is essential. The most critical areas of a commercial roof where a leak barrier is needed include chimneys, skylights, valleys, vertical walls, and eaves.
  4. Starter Problems – If the starter is missing or installed incorrectly, a variety of aesthetic problems develop in the rakes and eaves. For instance, in each shingle near the eave, there is the risk of water infiltration. To avoid this type of mistake with commercial roofing in Dallas, the correct starter is required for each shingle.
  5. Problems with Nailing – If the appropriate amount of fasteners per shingle is unknown or if the placement is wrong, there is the risk for catastrophic problems. The most common types of mistakes include high nails, under-driven nails, over-driven nails, and exposed nails.

The Bottom Line

The skilled Dallas commercial roofing contractors at Buford General Contractors receive ongoing education and training, so you can rest easy knowing that they understand how to avoid these common commercial roofing mistakes.