Residential Roofing and the Texas Climate

Residential Roofing and the Texas Climate

As the second largest state in the country, the Texas climate varies from region to region. Generally, however, homes in this state are built to endure a warmer climate. Homeowners generally experience rain and hail during the colder months, while tornadoes are common during the months of April and May. If you have a home in Texas, it’s of great importance to work with a local roofing company like Buford Roofing & Construction, who have expert knowledge about the local climate and how it can affect your roofing system’s performance over time.

Residential Roofing and the Texas Climate

Cool Roofs

Your roof must be able to help keep the temperature inside your home down, especially in the summertime. Metal roofing is a popular choice among Texas homeowners because it’s regarded highly as a cool roofing option. Metal is great at reflecting heat, directing it away from your home rather than absorbing it. Metal roofs are particularly useful in providing energy savings to homes in warmer regions.

Architectural Shingles

Shingle roofs remain a highly popular roofing option among homeowners, even those outside Texas. At Buford Roofing & Construction, we offer GAF Timberline HD® and Timberline Ultra HD® roofing shingles to homeowners that want beautiful-looking roofs. These shingles are 53% thicker than their traditional counterparts, and are also resistant to high heat and damage from heavy rains.

Strong Roofs

Your roof must be able to withstand strong winds, particularly during tornado season. Clay and slate tiles are particularly adept at withstanding these conditions, and are both highly durable. However, the upfront cost as well as maintenance expenses of these materials can be fairly high, You may want to consider trying GAF Slateline® and Monaco® products, respectively, as alternatives to slate and clay tiles. These products allow you to achieve a similar look with comparable strength at more affordable prices.

Let our experts at Buford Roofing & Construction help you choose the best roof for your Texas home. We’ve been family-owned and locally-operated since 2005, and well know how to go about roofing and siding installation projects for homes that share our climate. We are proudly GAF-certified, too. Our number is (817) 754-6555. Estimates and quotes are free for residents of Southlake and Dallas, TX.