Replacing Your Roof? Consider These Essential Factors

Replacing Your Roof? Consider These Essential Factors

One of the most significant home improvement projects is roof replacement. Once your roof has shown serious issues that are beyond repair, it is necessary to hire a roofer.

Roof Replacement

When it comes to quality roofing and siding installation in Dallas, TX, Buford Roofing and Construction is the company to call. We have helped local homeowners create better homes for their families for over 10 years. To help you deal with your roof replacement, here are three things you need to consider:

Expertise and Experience of Contractor

The company you will hire is a key factor in the success of your project. Before making a decision, make sure the companies you’re talking to have been in the business for a considerable amount of time. It would also be helpful to visit the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) website and check on roofing company performance scores. This will give you a glimpse of the actual workmanship quality of local contractors. We take pride in being accredited by the BBB. In addition, we are certified by some of the top roofing manufacturers today.

Roofing Material

This will rely on your own preference and sense of style. When choosing a material, keep in mind that shingles, metal, and other options have unique features that can influence the overall performance of your home. As the most trusted roofing company in Dallas, TX, we will work with you to determine the right option for your home.

Contract Details

It is also important to secure a written contract before starting your project. A written contract will help you understand the scope of the work better, as well as the materials involved. If you decide to install a different material, inform your contractor so the changes will reflect on the contract. Put simply, this document can help prevent any misunderstanding between you and your roofer.

Your roofing in Southlake, TX, is among the most functional parts of your home. It’s important to make informed decisions when it comes to roof replacement. Buford Roofing and Construction offers the most innovative roofing products and services in the region. To get a FREE consultation with us, give us a call at (817) 754-6555 today. You can also complete our form and we’ll get in touch with you.