Repair or Replace? Signs That You Need a New Roof Soon

Repair or Replace? Signs That You Need a New Roof Soon

Replacing your roof isn’t an easy decision. It’s a significant investment and will necessitate some disturbance to your daily life while work is underway. But delaying a necessary roof replacement will open you up to far more serious headaches.

Repair or Replace? Signs That You Need a New Roof Soon

As the region’s authority on roofing and siding installation, Buford Roofing and Construction shares the clues that mean it’s time to replace your roof:

Misshapen Shingles

Buckling, cracking and curling are signs of roof deterioration, indicating that your asphalt shingles are too worn-out to offer reliable defense against nature. Any break in the system would allow water to penetrate and reach the underlying decking more easily. When that happens, the sheathing, rafters and other wooden components of your roof will be vulnerable to rot.

Missing Shingles

The only thing worse than shingle deformation is the absence of shingles. Without any covering, the exposed portions of your roofing system would become a vulnerable target for the elements. Re-shingling can help restore your roof’s structural integrity for awhile, but it’s not a long-term solution. If a significant portion of the shingles are damaged or missing, you’re best off replacing your roof

Granule-Filled Gutters

Discovering shingle granules in the gutters more than a decade after your roof’s installation is a cause for concern. Bald shingles are not protected from UV light, causing them to become brittle more quickly.

Daylight Filtering in Through the Roof in the Attic

The sun can only pass through the roof boards through voids. If sunlight can get through your attic roof, so can water and air. Broken sheathing is a place for leaks.

Sagging Roof

Is your roof drooping in any way? Call in a professional ASAP. Only an experienced roofing company can assess the scope of damage, figure out the best solution and keep things from getting worse.

Let Buford Roofing and Construction give your roof a complete checkup to evaluate its condition and determine whether it needs to be replaced. Call us at (817) 754-6555 now to discuss your roofing needs and get a free estimate in Southlake or Dallas, TX.