Getting the Best Work From Your Contractor

Getting the Best Work From Your Contractor

The success of your home improvement project depends on your contractor’s performance. The question is: how can you optimize their potential?

Getting the Best Work From Your Contractor

Buford Roofing and Construction Inc., a leading roofing company in the area, shares some tips on ensuring the best results from your contractor.

Establish a Good Line of Communication

Before work begins, determine how you will communicate with your contractor while the project is in process. Some people prefer weekly phone calls, while others prefer brief in-person meetings. Deciding on a communication method that works for both you and your contractor will help keep you on the same page throughout the project.

Know the Payment Terms

A reliable contractor won’t ask for a full payment upfront. Instead, they will set up payment terms for the project. Most companies create three equal installments: one before the construction for the initial material cost, one during the project and a final payment after the work is complete.

Check the Work

A good time to inspect your contractor’s work is when the crew has left for the day. List all the things you have noticed and bring these up to your contractor. This helps keep you all on the same page.

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