Common Misconceptions About Attic Ventilation

Common Misconceptions About Attic Ventilation

Proper attic ventilation is a major contributor to a roof’s longevity. In fact, a poorly ventilated attic is one of the main factors that can cause a roofing system to fail prematurely. To help you maximize your new roof’s service life, Buford Roofing and Construction, the top general contractor, debunks some common misconceptions about attic ventilation below.


Common Misconceptions About Attic Ventilation

Myth 1: Any Vent Will Do

Not all roof vents can offer you the same level of efficiency. Most roofing experts agree that among all vents, ridge units are the most effective and reasonably priced models on the market. Gable vents, on the other hand, can only promote air circulation in a small percentage of the attic. Static, roof-line vents are great for improved ventilation but are constantly at risk of leaks. Meanwhile, soffit vents can leave air trapped at the top of your attic. A trusted professional can help you determine the best ventilation system for your home.

Myth 2: More Is Better

You need the right amount of ventilation to achieve an efficient home. While insufficient ventilation leads to moisture problems and decreased energy efficiency, too much of it is just as bad. Roof vents create additional penetrations on your roof, or another place where leaks can occur. Vents are necessary, but it’s not a good idea to increase the number of roof penetrations, especially if you don’t need them. You can consult a roofing expert like us to learn how much ventilation your system needs.

Myth 3: Roof Vents Are Not for Cold Climates

While roof ventilation can improve energy efficiency during the summer, it also plays an important role in the winter by preventing moisture buildup in the attic. With proper attic ventilation, you won’t have to worry about condensation on your roof sheathing, helping you avoid potential water damage.

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