5 Costly Mistakes Behind Failed Roofing Projects

5 Costly Mistakes Behind Failed Roofing Projects

There are two culprits behind most botched roofing projects: DIYers and unqualified roofers. Whether you need minor repair work or a complete replacement, it’s imperative to invest in the professional services of a credentialed contractor like Buford Roofing and Construction.

5 Costly Mistakes Behind Failed Roofing Projects

Here are the most common mistakes that can cause your roofing project to fail:

1. Mismatching Shingles

Applying asphalt roofing shingles from different batches creates an incongruous look. Unreliable roofers are notorious for working multiple dealers, so exercise due diligence to find a contractor that uses a consistent source of supplies.

2. Keeping the Old Flashing

Inexperienced roofers and untrained DIYers often make the mistake of reusing flashings. Even if the pieces still look salvageable at the time of the project, they’re going to age faster than other materials in your roofing system. This will create serious issues down the road.

3. Installing New Shingles Over the Old

When conducting a roof replacement, some contractors will install new asphalt shingles without stripping away the old materials. The project becomes less disruptive and costly this way. However, it deprives your contractor from inspecting the underlying wood deck for damage. Keeping your old roof also may void the warranty of your replacement products.

4. Not Obtaining Permits

Securing the necessary permit puts more expert eyes on your project. If you skip this step, there’s no way to verify whether the work is consistent with the latest building codes. Also, you might be faced with hefty fines and be forced to redo everything if local authorities learn about your unsanctioned project.

5. Hiring an Uninsured Roofer

In the event of worker injury or property damage, you could be liable if your roofer lacks insurance. Ask your general contractor for verifiable proof of insurance before signing a contract to protect yourself from litigation.

In a state that doesn’t require a license for roofing work, turn to a certified company, like Buford Roofing and Construction. To discuss your needs, learn about our qualifications and get a free estimate in Flower Mound or Grapevine, TX, call us at (817) 754-6555 today.