4 Things that Should be Included in a Remodeling Contract

4 Things that Should be Included in a Remodeling Contract

Planning to get a new roof for your home this season?  If you’re looking to replace your old system, it’s in your best interest to sign a written contract with your contractor. Without this agreement, it can be difficult to protect your rights in case a problem with the new system or the company’s workmanship arises.

Remodeling Contract

Before signing a contract, however, it’s important to review and understand its parts. As the top roofing company in Dallas, TX, Buford Roofing and Construction can help. Here are four vital things you need to look for in a remodeling contract:

  1. Scope of Work – This describes exactly what the company needs to do and what materials and services are necessary to complete the job. Take the time to review each item with your contractor to make sure you’re on the same page throughout the process. Additionally, you should check if the project is backed by manufacturer’s warranty and if it can meet specific installation requirements, like ventilation and ice dam prevention.

  2. Estimated Project Duration – Upon the agreement, both parties should be clear about when the project will commence and when it is estimated to be finished. It will also be helpful to know whether the company will work on the weekends or on holidays.

  3. Detail Outline of Materials and Services – The contract should also indicate an estimate on both the basic materials and labor necessary to finish installing your new roofing in Southlake, TX. On top of that, it should also include an estimate on all other services used, such as shingle underlayment and accessories.

  4. Payment Details – The contract should state the total project price. It should also provide a breakdown of the payment schedule and the installation price. Keep in mind that while paying a deposit is good, you should never agree to pay the total price upfront.

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